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Custom Sugar Cookies


It all started 8 years ago when I started dating Diane’s son (my now husband).  For our first Valentine’s day I made him chocolate chip cookies in the shape of hearts.  Diane tried one and said, yep, this girl can bake.  You see Diane has been making every flavor Christmas cookie under the sun since 1993. Every Christmas her house is covered from floor to ceiling in cookies and flour. After tasting my chocolate chip cookie that day she brought me on as her helper and we would bake away during the holidays.   Fast forward a few years and we have decided to make this a full time adventure!  People always ask me, wait, you do this with your mother-IN-LAW?  I guess some people just don’t get along with their in-laws, but I love mine and get along with her better than anyone!  I am especially thankful to have a mother figure in my life after losing my own mother to breast cancer at a young age.  Diane is sweeter than any cookie you will ever taste, but boy do our cookies taste pretty sweet!

We hope you enjoy the treats that we make for you!  

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