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Chocolate Covered Oreos

Our chocolate covered Oreos come in four cookie flavors, traditional, double stuffed, dark chocolate, and peanut butter. Match the perfect Oreo of your choice to your favorite flavor or color of chocolate then choose from a variety of topping to create a unique experience for any special occasion. Standard variety packs come in box of 6 or 12.

                                                                    $2.00 each

Chocolate : milk, dark, sea salt caramel, and white

Toppings: milk, dark, sea salt caramel and white chocolate drizzle, jimmies, toasted coconut, chocolate cookie crumbs, dried blueberries, chocolate flowers, crushed Andes mints, holiday

Oreo Cookie Balls

A creamy mixture of ground Oreos and cream cheese, rolled into small balls and dipped into high quality chocolate.  $1.00 each (Minimum one dozen)

Chocolate Oreo Truffles
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