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Cookie Pricing

Cookies vary by price depending on the variety of designs, colors, and how complex the design is. Below is an idea of what your cookies will cost. Please fill out a price quote to get an exact price from us.

Wedding Cookies
Baby Shower Cookies
First birthday Cookies

$3 per cookie

$3.50-$4 per cookie

$4-$4.50 per cookie

One color, one shape, no details. 

Simple and delicious!

1-2 shapes, 2-3 colors with simple details. Cute and delicious!

4-6 shapes, multiple colors, details included such as florals, writing, and piping.

Cookie Packaging

All cookies come individually wrapped and that is included in the price.

Custom Baby Shower Cookies Sun Cookies
Forest Animal Custom Baby Shower Cookies

We can include a cookie backing behind each cookie for an extra $3 a dozen.

We can discuss other custom options for wrapping with you if you'd like cookies wrapped a certain way. (bows, no bags, etc.)

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